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Insect produced fertilizer/soil amendment - $1 (Twin Falls)

Shoshone near Washington st

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Along with nutrients, insect furtalizer also contains chitin. This is an important component for keeping plant cell walls strong. These stronger cell walls help plants fend off pests and disease. It also seems to make the plant resistant to powdery mildew, late and early blights, botrytis, and certain root rots as well as root nematodes. Other insect furtalizer uses include fertilizing with nutrients in low, easy-to-uptake doses. This insect furtalizer comes in a 2-2-2 formula, bestowing light, gentle amounts of macro-nutrients. Another of the touted insect furtalizer uses is as a soil pH balancer. It may also return beneficial microbes ingested by insects back into the soil. How to Use Insect furtalizer in Gardens The furtalizer will come dried in most cases. This powder is easy to mix into a watering can at a rate of 1 teaspoon (5 grams) per gallon (3.76 liter) of water. As a root drench, you can make a furtalizer tea with ½ cup (1.89 liter) per gallon (3.76 liter). In vegetable or perennial beds, you can dig in the nutrients. Use 1 pound (.45 kilogram) for every 20 square feet (6.92 meter) and work into soil deeply. If you want to boost the nutrient availability, add liquid kelp or humic acid. Insect furtalizer can be used as a drench, foliar feed, worked into soil, broadcast, or in a hydroponic system. It is easy to use and mild for all sorts of plants

$1.00/lb 20 lb minimum purchase
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